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End Uses

End Uses of Lead

The principal consumption of lead is for lead-acid batteries which are used in vehicles, and in emergency systems (e.g. hospitals) as well as in industrial batteries found in computers and fork lift trucks. Lead is also used in remote access power systems and load levelling systems as well as in compounds in the glass and plastics industries and for radiation shielding. Average end use patterns over the last five years are illustrated in chart 1.

Chart 1:End Uses of Lead





End Uses of Zinc

Zinc's effectiveness in protecting steel against corrosion by galvanising is well recognised, while the ability to die cast complicated components makes zinc indispensable in a multitude of industry and household products. It also has important markets in the brass and construction industries and in chemicals and constitutes an essential nutritional element. Zinc's main end uses are shown in chart 2.

Chart 2:End Uses of Zinc


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