International Lead & Zinc Study Group
About Us

Who We Are

ILZSG was formed by the United Nations in 1959 to:

  • provide opportunities for regular intergovernmental consultations on international trade in lead and zinc,
  • provide continuous information on the supply and demand position of lead and zinc and its probable development and to make special studies of the world situation in lead and zinc,
  • consider possible solutions to any problems or difficulties which are unlikely to be resolved in the ordinary development of world trade.

The Study Group is one of the longest established International Commodity Organisations and as such has been the role model for other bodies such as the International Nickel Study Group and the International Copper Study Group.

How We Operate

The work of the Group is largely carried out by four committees: Standing, Statistical and Forecasting, Mine and Smelter Projects, Economic and Environment. Each committee is chaired by a representative from one of the ILZSG's national delegations, who directs the programme of work. The committee chairmen report back to the whole Study Group during formal sessions which are held at either the United Nations, or by government invitation in a member country, during October of each year. Further meetings take place in Spring, usually in Lisbon.

What We Do

The main role of the ILZSG is to ensure transparency in the markets for lead and zinc worldwide. This is achieved by producing a continuous flow of information to the market place on supply and demand developments in lead and zinc through the monthly publication of high quality statistics, in depth market research and specifically targeted economic studies. We also organise international sessions and special conferences bringing together industry and governments to discuss matters of concern in the lead and zinc sectors.

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