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Recycling Rate Definitions

Recycling Rate Definitions

ILZSG were one of the founder members of the Metal Study Groups/Eurometaux/Eurofer Recycling Project Team. Other organisations that participated in the work of the Team include The European Aluminium Association, the International Zinc Association, the Nickel Institute, the European Nickel Group, the International Council on Mining and Metals, the International Wrought Copper Council, the European Copper Institute, the Organisation of European Aluminium Refiners and Remelters, the International Lead Association and Yale University.

The main aim of this collaboration was the development of a set of clear and consistent recycling rates for the metals industry and the agreement of a broad methodology for calculating the rates.

The rates that were agreed by the Team are as follows:

Recycling Input Rate = Metal Recycled (from EOL Scrap)
    Metal Produced
EOL Recycling = Metal Recycled (from EOL Scrap)
Rate   Metal Available for Recycling (EOL Scrap)
EOL Collection Rate     = Metal Collected (EOL Scrap)
    Metal Available for Recycling (EOL Scrap)
EOL Processing Rate     = Metal Recycled (from EOL Scrap)
    Metal Collected (EOL Scrap)

EOL = End of Life              The Recycling Input Rate is also known as Recycled Content

For further information on the above rates please contact the Secretariat.

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