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Tarriff Codes

Tarriff Codes

National customs authorities use the Harmonised System of Trade Codes in reporting quantities and values of good traded between countries.

Harmonised System Trade Codes used by the International Lead and Zinc Study Group in its publications are as follows:

Lead Concentrate 2607 000
Refined Lead 7801 100
Antimonial Lead Alloy 7801 910
Zinc Concentrate 2608 000
Refined Zinc (>=99.99%) 7901 110
Refined Zinc (>=99.95% but <99.99%) 7901 121
Refined Zinc (>=98.5% but 99.95%) 7901 123
Refined Zinc (<98.5% but not alloyed) 7901 129

Further information on Trade Tariffs is available in the ILZSG publication ‘Lead and Zinc: National Trade Tariffs and Measures’. For details please refer to the publications section of this website.

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